Biophysics and Biophotonics Group

Tritc labeled ZnO nanoparticels in lung tissue

The Biophysics and Biophotonics group at the Department of Physics at University of Milano-Bicocca is active in research and education for nano-technology and biotechnology. Current research interests of the group include optical non-linear excitation microscopy , nanoparticles for biophysical and biomedical applications, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and optical nanoscopy.

The group runs a University facility for non-linear optical microscopy and to this purpose it has collaborations with the Biotechnology, the Experimental Medicine and the Environmental Sciences Departments.

Jul. 2017 : We offer several Master in Physics (Laurea Specialistica) thesis topics as well as for the doctorate in Physics .

Jul. 2017 : New and notable, Theranostic Nanocages for Imaging and Photothermal Therapy of Prostate Cancer Cells by Active Targeting of Neuropeptide‑YReceptor.

Apr. 2017 : New and notable, Photothermal effect of gold nanostar patterns inkjet-printed on coated paper substrates with different permeability.

May 2015: Press Release on Gold Nanoparticles.