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Colloquium: A. D. Tinoco Mendes

[17/5/2017, 15:30, U2/02]

André David Tinoco Mendes (CERN) will hold a Colloquium: "Status of the (Higgs) union" for researchers and students.


Joint Seminar Mathematics/Physics: I. Roulstone

[11/5/2017, 15:30, U1/01]

Ian Roulstone (Univ. Surrey) will hold the seminar "The Impact of Mathematics on Meteorology and Weather Prediction", jointly organized by the Math and Physics Depts. An overview of some of the material is available here.


Department Seminar: A. Morales 

[3/4/2017, 15:30, U2/02]

Andrea Morales (ETH Zürich) has held the Department Seminar "Continuous and discrete supersolidity with ultracold atoms in optical cavities". The seminar is intended especially for PhD students.


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