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 Seminar Day for the Graduate school in Physics and Astronomy.

April 15, 2014.

Every year the graduate students of the first two years gather together for a tight scheduled morning session with short presentations of their projects.

The first year graduate students present the ouline of their project in a 8-10' presentation (with questions).

The second year graduate students present the current state of their project in a 12-15' presentation (with questions).

The program of the 2014 edition (15 April 2014) can be downloaded here

Here are some presentations in pdf format.



Giorgia Albani (I)

GEM-based thermal neutron detectors alternative to 3He detectors for spallation sources



Margaux Bouzin (II)

Fluorescence cross-correlation on raster-scanned confocal images

Luca Brianza (I)

H->WW->lvj analysis in the high boosted regime

Stefano Caldirola (II)

Characterization of a supersonic plasma source for nanostructured thin films deposition

Lorenzo Cassina (I)

 LHCb RICH Upgrade: progettazione e test di un modulo completo di fotorivelazione

Guido Consolandi (I)

Nuclear/Bulge/Disk properties of galaxies at z=0.





Rossella Fanali (II)

Gas dynamics in nuclear regions of barred spirals.


Raffaele Gerosa (II)

 W-jet boson identification with CMS detector and its contribution in high mass serches in WW/WZ/ZZ semi-leptonic final states.

Federico Granata(I)

One-loop corrections to the associated production of a Higgs boson with a vector boson and a jet

Rosana Martinez (I)

Characterization and optimization of scintillating crystals for applications on medical imaging and high energy physics detectors.

Badder Marzocchi (II)

Study of the Higgs boson couplings and anomalous production from diphoton and b-dijets final state with the CMS detector at the LHC

Alessandro Pezzotta (II)

Development of a mixed-signal ASIC for the Triple-GEM detector readout





Alessandra Pipino (I)

A high perfomance read out system in CMOS integrated technology


Stefano Pozzi (I)

 Studio delle sorgenti di fondo radioattivo per l'esperimento CUORE

Andrei Puiu (I)

Holmes: misura diretta della massa del neutrino.

Federica Resta (I)

Observatory Auger: Surface Electronic Front-End

Andrea Rota (II)

AdS Solutions in Supergravity and String Theory

Christian Salvatore (II)

Development of a Decision Support System for automatic diagnosis of medical images from MRI studies.

Dario Tassetti (I)

 Characterization of a plasma source Gliding Arc Tornado  (GAT)

Liu Zheng (II)

Evaluation of the MPPC TSV arrays and modules for the EndoTOF-PET US external plate