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Seminar: P. Lecoq [28/4/2015, 15:00, U4/08]

Paul Lecoq terrà il Seminario di Dipartimento "Networking Physics and Medicine in the field of Medical Imaging".


 Colloquium: Theodore Moustakas [31/3/2015, 15:00, U4/08]

Theodore Moustakas terrà un Colloquio di Dipartimento dal titolo "Fundamental differences between traditional III-V compounds and Nitride Semiconductors: The formation and role of extended defects."


Colloquium: C. Eggeling [18/3/2015, 15:00, U2/06]

Christian Eggeling ha tenuto un Colloquio di Dipartimento dal titolo "Using optical super-resolution STED(-FCS) microscopy to study membrane bioactivity".



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