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Secretary office

For details please contact: dottorati@unimib.it




For any form (enrollement and final defense of the Thesis in particular) please refer to :


To get an account on the server mib.infn.it you have to fill the form that can be found here and have it signed by your tutor.




You can find out changes here and the complete rules here.

Duties for the final defense:

1. The first page of the Thesis should be in a format similar to this page. (Bicocca Logo)

2. All the theses are written in English.

3. From the unimib web page (LINK) the students can download all the forms to be presented to the Unimib Secretariat (Thesis Title, Final Exam Application, Declaration for the BOA upload). 





How to apply for fellowship increase during research periods abroad.

When spending research period abroad the student can ask for a fellowship increase. This can be done for periods between one week and 18 months. The Student should fill up a form that can be downloaded from the unimib web site (link) and add to this a letter signed by the school's coordinator stating the period, the location/affiliation abroad and the name of the local supervisor (model letter). 


How to obtain the certificate of the PhD title.

After defending the Thesis the graduate student should fill up the following form and send it to the dottorati@unimib.it email address. Please refer to the instructions that can be found in the form. 


 General Administrative Instructions in Italian can be found here.