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This is the schedule of this year's Department Seminars and Colloquia. Seminars of the various research groups can be found at their individual webpages. The PhD Students' Final Seminar Sessions can be found here.


23 mag 2018


Gino Isidori ETH Zürich  14:30: "Old and recent puzzles in flavor physics"

8 mag 2018


Jorge M.


CERN & Inst. Astrofisica Canarias  14:30: "The shape of new physics in B-meson decays"

 16 ott 2017






 14:15: "CP violation measurements with triple product asymmetries" 



Seminars of general interest and colloquia in the year 2016/2017:


 8 nov 2016


Paolo Nason

INFN, Milano-Bicocca

14:30: "How bright is the proton? A precise determination of the photon density in the proton." 

15 nov 2016

U12 Auditorium

Alberto Parola

Univ. Insubria

14:30, Colloquium: "Fasi topologiche in materia condensata: i premi Nobel per la Fisica 2016".
3 apr 2017

Andrea Morales

ETH, Zürich  14:30: "Continuous and discrete supersolidity with ultracold atoms in optical cavities."
11 may 2017 Ian Roulstone Univ. Surrey 14:30: "The Impact of Mathematics on Meteorology and Weather Prediction"

17 may 2017


André Davi Univ. Surrey 15:30, Colloquium: "Status of the (Higgs) union"



Colloquium schedule of academic year 2015/16:

30 nov 2015


Ronit Satchi-Fainaro Tel Aviv Univ. 14:30: Novel cancer models-based identification of molecular targets for the rational design of precision nanomedicines

18 dec 2015


Sheldon Stone Syracuse University  11:30:  Pentaquarks and Tetraquarks at LHCb

17 dec 2015

U6 Aula Magna

Luciano Maiani

Univ. Roma 

"La Sapienza"

15:00: FISICA DELLE PARTICELLE: prospettive tre anni dopo la scoperta del bosone di Higgs

23 feb 2016


Ezio Todesco CERN 15:00: LHC operation and upgrade plans for the next 20 years

18 may 2016

U6/Aula Magna

Michele Punturo INFN, Perugia

14:00: The detection of gravitational waves: Results and perspectives


Other seminars of general interest in the year 2015/2016:

- 23/10/2015, 11:30. Oliviero Cremonesi (INFN, Milano-Bicocca): Il Nobel al Neutrino.

- 13/11/2015, 14:30. Carlo Burigana (ISAF/IASF, Bologna): Recent cosmological results from the Planck mission.

- 21/1/2016, 15:00. Davide Cassi (Univ. Parma): Cooking Hackers (La vera storia della cucina molecolare).


Colloquium schedule of academic year 2014/15:

17 sep 2014


Gabriele Veneziano


Collège de France

 14:30: Reflections on two recent success stories [slides]

6 oct 2014


Oleg Smirnov

JINR, Dubna

 14:30: Neutrino geophysics [slides]

24 feb 2015


Luca Cipelletti Univ. Montpellier II

11:00: Slow dynamics in soft matter: from colloidal glasses to biological gels

14:30: Off-equilibrium surface tension between miscible fluids

18 mar 2015


Christian Eggeling Oxford 15:00: Using optical super-resolution STED(-FCS) microscopy to study membrane bioactivity [slides]

30 mar 2015


Theodore  Moustakas

Boston University

15:00: Fundamental differences between traditional III-V compounds and Nitride Semiconductors: The formation and role of extended defects.

29 mag 2015


Marumi Kado

LAL - Orsay, France

14:30: An (early) experimental profile of the Higgs boson at the LHC: results and prospects with the ATLAS detector


 Other seminars of general interest in the year 2014/2015:

- 3/2/2015, 9:30, room U4/08. Vincenzo Vagnoni (INFN, Bologna): Hunting for matter-antimatter asymmetries at LHCb.

- 28/4/2015, 15:00, room U4/08. Paul Lecoq (CERN): Networking Physics and Medicine in the field of Medical Imaging.

- 5/6/2015, 10:30, room U2/05. Nicola Serra (Univ. Zurigo): Il decadimento B0->K*μμ ed altre anomalie correlate: Nuova Fisica o effetti cospiratori?


Colloquium schedule of academic year 2013/14:

6 nov 2013


Tim Gershon Univ. Warwick  14:30: Heavy flavour physics at the LHC [slides]

4 dec 2013


Andrea Possenti

Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari

 14:30: Is there a breakdown of General Relativity in strong field regime? Addressing the issue with pulsar observation.

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30 jan 2014


Andreas Bausch

Technische Universität München

14:30: Cytoskeletal pattern formation:
         Self organization of driven filaments

12 feb 2014


Egidio d'Angelo Univ. Pavia 14:30: Biology in mathematical models: a new strategy for brain investigation

7 mag 2014


Gianfranco Federici

European Fusion Development Agreement

14:30: A demonstration fusion reactor: remaining challenges and a possible roadmap to the target

 Other seminars of general interest in the year 2013/2014:

- 26/2/2014, 14:30, room U2/01. Eugenio Coccia (Univ. Roma "Tor Vergata"): The quest for gravitational waves.

- 20/11/2013. Tommaso Tabarelli de Fatis, Alberto Zaffaroni: "Nobel 2013 per la Fisica a F.Englert-P.Higgs: motivazioni ed evidenze sperimentali". [seminar for students. Slides: [Tabarelli], [Zaffaroni]]

- 28/10/2013. Tommaso Tabarelli de Fatis: "BE SMART: Basic Experiments with Smartphones". [slides]


Colloquium schedule of academic year 2012/13:

13 dec 2012


Paolo Mataloni

Roma, La Sapienza

11:30: Quantum information processing with photons:
n-qubit hyperentangled photon states [slides]

14:30: Quantum information processing with photons:
Integrated quantum photonics [slides]

13 feb 2013


Pilar Hernandez Univ. Valencia  15:00: Outlook in Neutrino Physics  [slides]

13 mar 2013


Lucio Rossi


10:30: LHC and the new technologies to go beyond the Higgs boson [slides]

10 apr 2013


Albert Libchaber



11.00: The origin of life: from geophysics to biology [bibliography]

15.00: Development of an artificial cell from self-organization to replication [bibliography]

15 may 2013


Francesco Haardt Univ. Como

15.00: The Era of Cosmic Reionization [slides]

12 june 2013


Michelangelo Mangano

CERN  15:00: High energy physics after three years of LHC data: status and prospects [slides] [bibliography]